SST made easy with AutoCount Accounting

Contains a feature in it SST/GST processor that will help to gather all information related to the tax entries. It provides details and summary reports for easier SST/GST submission to Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD).


Boost profitability and make better decisions with a real time view of the finances.


The Stock Management Engine utilizes an on-demand calculation that can effectively calculate the real-time stock cost and quantity.


With multi level access control to further control the user accessibility to each system function.


With the easy and automatic process, increase your productivity and spend more time with business decision.

See why AutoCount is better

So much more than accounting software

The best solutions that are tailored to your industry or business needs. Here are just a few examples of some of the business industry.


Production of finished goods for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.


Convenience Store

Retail business that stocks a range of items and serving multi locations



Financial planning and control the different project is built and ready for use.


Distribution Wholesale

Handle import, export transactions and maintain inventory records for forecasting sales and purchase needs.


Trading or Partnership

Covers the daily financial processes to provides the credit control, sales and purchase information.


Building Management

Manage Recurring Charges, Expenses and Late Charge etc. with real-time accounting data.

Software Overview

AutoCount Business Suite which comprises of Accounting, Stock Control, Payroll and Point of Sales solutions that integrates seamlessly to ensure the smooth running of customer business.

Characterized by its easy-to-use, fast operated speed, complete business logic coverage, and accurate information provided; AutoCount system stands out as one of the best accounting software for today Malaysia business requirements.

AutoCount Express
AutoCount Accounting
AutoCount POS
AutoCount Payroll Cloud
System Requirements

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About AutoCount

Founded in 1996, Auto Count Sdn Bhd, is Malaysian leading developer of accounting and business software. We empower our customers to achieve their business objectives by turning their business processes into efficient business software system, by reducing extra manpower and by providing accurate data to make smart business decisions.

SST Compliance

AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 is among the very first batch of approved accounting software awarded with the GST Compliance status by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). Complete latest GST features that complies with GST rules placed by RMCD.